imagen de nuestra cultura y valores

The corporate culture that identifies us is manifested in our behavior to opportunities and adaptation to changing and demanding market is evolving as the image. This culture is internalized in the form of collective beliefs and moods that are transmitted and taught to new members as a way of thinking, living and acting.

The mission at hand can be defined as adaptation to constant change. The constant desire that our guests see their wishes fulfilled in our stores, not just the mere act of consumption external signs clothes and fragrances, but make them feel good on the outside and inside.

The values that emerge from our organization represent an added motivation for those who are part of it and for those who visit us, conveying confidence and trust.

The general policies of our organization seek to achieve the basic objectives formulated assuming the contents in the Mission through the application of the guidelines for the strategic management and constitute our response to competitive challenge of the future.

Our Franchises
  • Phone: (+34) 902 090 619
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  • Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00
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